Thursday, June 09, 2022

Unfinished Business update


Wednesday 8th of June

On another visit to Montnegra, we are trying to find out where the Trumpeter Finch were ringed and just how many birds there are, and where they are nesting?  We have a good idea by the direction of flight but finding and proving could prove to be impossible


The nest is mostly a loose collection of twigs, plant stalks, down and fibres, grass, animal hair and occasionally feathers, placed in a shallow depression in the ground, under rock, shrub or grass tussock, above ground in a pipe or wall of the house. The nests in the cavity between rocks may have small stones placed at the entrance. They lay a clutch of 4–6 eggs. The incubation is done by females. The incubation period is 11–14 days. The chicks are fed and cared for by both parents. The nestling period is 12–14 days. The young frequently leave the nest before able to fly. The young are independent 11 days after fledging

Adult male Trumpeter Finch no leg ring

Yesterday I think I've identified at least one new bird, the most birds seen at one time was 3 and all-male, we've almost got a complete ring number by photographs all we have to do now is find out where and who's been ringing Trumpeter Finch. Over to John for that.

 Trumpeter Finch same bird below

 Trumpeter Finch

We are mostly seeing different adult Male Finches which makes me think that the females are on eggs?  And if you think that through and if all breeding was successful we could, in a few weeks possibly have between 12 + fledged/juvenile birds plus the Adult birds, the most bird seen at any one time was 11 juveniles a few years ago in 2019 If  I've got the year correct.

 Trumpeter Finch new bird possibly same bird in top photo

 Other birds seen in the ravine 4 Black-eared Wheatear 2 Melodious Warbler and a Spotted Fly,  Black Wheatear Blue rock Thrush 2 Jay and Mistle Thrush and Nightingale.

leg ring number 596  AMB and i think it could spell Madrid?

same as above

Have a great weekend
Cheers Bryan

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