Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Photo of the Day Painted Lady

I am sure everybody would have noticed the abundance of Painted Lady around Spain  
but here are some interesting facts 

Butterfly Facts

A few hours before the butterfly emerges, the chrysalis turns a dark (almost black) colour.  A few minutes (5-60) before the butterfly emerges, the chrysalis turns clearer and you can see the wing through the chrysalis.

The new butterfly cannot eat or fly when it is born!
The new butterfly's wings are wet and folded when it emerges.  It hangs from its chrysalis to dry, harden, and stretch its wings and body. 

The new butterfly must assemble its proboscis before it eats.  When it is born the proboscis is separated into two tubes that must be connected in order to eat.

The butterfly "tongue" is a proboscis rolled up under its face.  The proboscis is hollow butterflies sip nectar as you would sip through a straw.

A new butterfly drops meconium out its abdomen shortly after it is born.  The meconium looks red (like your blood) and is made from leftover caterpillar parts that the butterfly doesn't use.  Butterfly blood is clear.
Butterflies breathe (obtain oxygen) through spiracles small holes in their bodies. 
 Painted Lady Butterflies use four legs.  They are part of a family of butterflies known as the brush foot butterflies (Nymphalidae) because their front two legs are so small they are useless.  You can see them stuck to the butterflies' thorax

.Painted Lady Butterflies enjoy eating oranges, watermelon, other fruits, and sugar water.

Painted Lady Butterflies live in every continent in the world except Australia and Antarctica.

Painted Lady Butterflies have many predators wasps, mantises, birds, and other animals may eat the butterflies, eggs, larvae, or pupae.

The adult Painted Lady Butterfly only lives for about two weeks!
cheers Bryan

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