Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Mosquito plague Gran Alacant

Rain-ravaged Spain is facing a horror mosquito invasion as billions and billions of the bloodthirsty bugs emerge from the floodwaters covering the Costas.
The muddy lagoons are the perfect breeding ground hyper-aggressive mozzies and experts say their eggs could start hatching this weekend.

Asian tiger mosquitoes are very aggressive when they are in a feeding frenzy

 Eight people died when the torrential rain and lightning storms sparked the worst floods in 140 years across the south-east of the country.
Now hard-hit locals and ex-pats, still counting the cost of the devastating storms, face another "biblical" plague.
More than one billion biting bugs - including highly-aggressive tiger mosquitoes  could hatch in the floods,

On the Costa Calida, emergency crews are working round-the-clock to prevent mosquito larvae hatching in water-logged fields.

The regional councils of Alicante and Elche are fumigating swatches of countryside to stop a repeat of August's plague which saw hospitals inundated with bite victims.

It mad here almost housebound even in the day time, the shelves are empty of knockdown sprays and bite relief creams. There are warning from the environmental health of Spain of Dengi Fever and the Zika Virus there had been 3 recorded victims in Alicante of a virus from Africa in August.
If you visiting Costa Blanca bring the bite relief creams and repellents and cover up as much as possible

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