Monday, January 25, 2021

Duck Soup

A quick visit to the El Clot today to check out the waterfowl.  I also went last Saturday but came away because I thought I was hallucinating,  there was a large Spanish bird group there, hardly any of them were wearing masks and every seat was taken and sat far too close to each other. ( I wasn't happy ) The tour leader looked like Groucho Marx with cigar, binoculars, and pacing around with his hands behind his back and there was also a lady who had an uncanny resemblance to Harpo? It was all a bit surreal and crazy?  am I going Animal Crackers,  I thought I'm out of here, maybe I had to much wine last night or not enough? Anyway, I didn't feel safe and left.

Groucho Marx 

Harpo Marx

 Back to Birding today

60 + White-headed Duck a couple of hundred Common Pochard, and Shoveler, 10+ Gadwall, and the highlight of the day 15 to 20 Widgeon, 10+ Marbled Duck, Red-crested Pochard, and Teal, Black-necked  Grebe, Great-crested Grebe,  a few Greater Flamingo, and a Marsh Harrier being a pain in the ass flushing everything.  all a long way off and on the far side.


I only took a short telephoto lens so only record photos today?

Have a great day



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