Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Good Bird for the House List

I  just returning to my house when on the roof was this Black Wheatear there's always a pair kicking around, so rushing in the house, cursing unlocking all the bloody doors in a rush to get the camera thinking it will never stay I hurried back out, it was still there click click click went the shutter the Black Wheatear was performing for the sound of the shutter "great I thought" maybe 50+ photos later "oops" no memory card in the camera shit!

Rushed back in the house, eventually found a card no way this bird is gonna stay, on the way back out, I slipped on the steps stumbling down, theirs no way it's gonna be there after all this time, so I glanced up and bugger me it was still percher on the rooftop

50 click later it moved off no damage to the camera after my stumble only a sore bum and my pride, I must try to not get to excited. 

And with Covid on the rise in Costa Blanca John and I have agreed its probably best for the moment not to be birding together till the end of the month and see how Covid pans out? so I'll be Birding solo my local patch El Clot for now.

 Have fun

Cheers BT

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