Thursday, November 28

Birding moment of the day was a Kingfisher

 My friend Trevor is visiting Spain for a week or so, he'd heard that the Great Spotted Eagle has arrived back at the El Hondo area, so we set off in search of the Spotted Eagle.
Well we didn't connect with the Eagle but had a nice morning birding,

Yellow Wagtail

 highlights were
Great White Egret
Booted Eagles
Peregrine Falcon

Lots of Marsh Harriers
80 Great-crested Grebe
10 Yellow Wagtails
Little Owl

Song Thrush
We came across a flooded field which had a few birds on it

Glossy Ibis
Green Sandpipers
Wood Sandpipers
Little Stints
6 Ruff 
little ringed Plover
Blue Throat 
Sky Lark 
Black Cap

Sky Lark
Lots of Meadow and Water Pipits, White Wagtails and Black Redstarts

I mentioned that there were lots of Kingfishers around and new of a place that was visited on a regular basis, and the moment of the day was the arrival of the Kingfisher, which sat less 12ft from me it was very active and returned several times

have a good day

cheers BT

Friday, November 22

The Farmers have been out Irrigating the Fields

Today with some rain forecast and with good mate Mark Etheridge we thought it is a good idea to have a quick look around just in case something good dropped in.

Meadow Pipit
Well, nothing mega popped out, but we did get to see a few birds. The farmers have been out irrigating the fields, and so there was plenty of birds to check out on our journey around.
With the fields flooded it attracted many different birds, best bird got away from us, as we were both concentrating on photographing a vey close Green Sandpiper, when Mark said what's "this" I new what it was but couldn't get my words out. It was a male Hen Harrier it drifted across the field in front of us and kept on going as I kept blabbering no sense words, in my excitement of a very good bird for our local area.

Green Sandpiper

 Here's a shortlist of some birds seen
Osprey very distant
Great White Egrets
10+ Wood Sandpiper
20+ Marsh Harriers

Marsh Harrier

A few Booted Eagles
600 + Glossy Ibis
Lots of Cattle Egret
Little Ringed Plovers
Ringed Plovers


Little Stint
26 Lapwing
Yellow Wagtail
Cettis Warbler
A field full of Sky Larks


Plenty of common birds like Black Redstarts and Water and Meadow Pipits  and so on. 100s of White Wagtails in every flooded field and good numbers of Gold Finch and Linnet.

Wood Sandpiper

I've not listed every species seen but included the big counts and birds of interest

have fun
cheers BT

Wednesday, November 20

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Hi there everybody
If you visit my blog for bird sighting and information could you

Please take the time to watch these 2 videos, you won't believe it? And the scale of night poaching and slaughter. This happens every day and night through the Autumn migration

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For the first time, our latest CABS video shows the large-scale indiscriminate night poaching of protected migratory birds occurring each autumn in northern Lebanon. During the recent CABS bird protection camp 

I just don't get it? how can this be allowed to go on? 

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Comment anybody

Tuesday, November 19

Football Wales automatically through Euros

After our recent departure from the rugby world cup and only losing by 3 points in the last 4 minutes. To the eventual winner South Africa. I am very pleased to a report that Wales football are through automatically for the finals of the football European cup we may not win, but we are only a small team there's only 3 million in our team wales
Happy days

Saturday, November 16

No bins bird club reunion

Happy to say the NBBC has been reunited, John, Mark, and myself

Male Black Redstart
And so this morning we followed our normal route around our local area setting out before 8 o'clock and picking up Mark Etheridge on the way.

 Water pipit

 To cut to the quick it was a really quite a good days birding morning. some good number of birds. lots of banter and quite a few laughs about the Rugby, Brexit, Johnson calling Jeremy Corbyn a biblical onanism ( w##ker)
 And some serious chat about climate change and plastic,  its something we can't keep ignoring,  I think it means massive changes for us all.

Little owl
Nothing mega to report bird-wise. Mostly what you would expect to see now the winter birds have arrived.

 we've been trying hard to find a rarity for our area, nothing as yet, but we're going to keep on trying, see the link below of species seen and review of yesterday's birding.
On JE great blog and good source of info

Booted Eagle

Female Black Redstart

Have a good day
cheers BT